Monday, November 4, 2019

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I will create a custom watercolor painting of your pet portrait.

This Dog necklace or Cat necklace will be perfect gift for pet lovers.
It features your pets portrait in watercolor.
The colorful and unique painting design makes it perfect for everyday wear.
It will be a perfect birthday gift or as a memorial piece.

Just send me your jpg photo in a message and I will do a custom pet portrait watercolor design necklace just for you.

This single loop necklace emphasizes individuality with a classic aesthetic. Made in USA.
.: Sterling silver or 18K gold plated
.: Multiple chain lengths
.: Several charm shapes
.: Nickel and lead free

Coin Pendant Diameter, in 0.79
Lotus Coin Pendant Diameter, in 0.67

Coin Pendant Diameter, cm 2
Lotus Coin Pendant Diameter, cm 1.7

Should I Buy This?

1 This is a handmade digital painting printed on Case.
2 We love to work on interesting projects with great people like you.
3 I have done for 12 years various paintings and drawings projects.And I am an Etsy Seller for five years now.
4 Support 24/7.Ready to ship in 4–10 business days From United States (Happy to work with your deadlines! Contact me for rush orders.)

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My name is Ermir Kolonja.
In 2005 I was graduated from Artistic lyceum for Graphic Designer and in 2010 I was graduated at the LOGOS University for Restoration and Conservation works of Art. I have done for 10 years various graphic projects freelancer on Etsy,Upwork,Fiverr,Freelancer...etc

What is fine art ?

In European academic traditions, fine art is art developed primarily for aesthetics or beauty, distinguishing it from applied art that also has to serve some practical function, such as pottery or most metalwork.

Historically, the five main fine arts were painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry, with performing arts including theatre and dance.[1] Today, the fine arts commonly include additional forms, such as film, photography, video production/editing, design, sequential art, conceptual art, and printmaking. However, in some institutes of learning or in museums, fine art and frequently the term fine arts (pl.) as well, are associated exclusively with visual art forms.